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Animator / 2D Artist

Don't hesitate to contact me about work inquiries or just for a chat at this here email!


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Animation clean up on Nick Jr's Adventures [Peppa Pig and Baby Shark] 


Animation clean up on Starbucks Ad 

Animation clean up on Muttville Ad 

Animation clean up on 'Your Mountain is Waiting' 

Animation clean up on a series of shorts for Ubik


Animation clean up for animated short as part of 'Breast Cancer Now' Check Them campaign directed by Anna Ginsburg and produced by Strange Beast 

Animation & Animation Clean Up for an episode of Headspace's 'Guide to Meditation' Netflix series directed by Hannah Jacobs & Lara Lee and produced by Strange Beast

Character Design & Animation for Sentiospace's Pink Pepper Gin advert directed by George Warren 

Animation for Hannah Jacobs's BBC Make A Difference 

Animation for Sentio Space's 'Stories that Never Stand Still' video


Animation for Sentio Space's 'Spectrum' video 

Animation Direction for Sentio Space's 2Simple video

Rotoscope for Sentio Space's 'Tata Communications: The Spirit of Innovation' video

Animation for Catherine Prowse's Cancer Research UK: A Lifetime of Saving Lives

Animation for Lois de Silva’s The Atlantic: Life Up Close


Animation clean up for Hannah Jacobs's Casper ad

Animation clean up for Andy Baker's Habito ad


Animation for Angie Phillips School of Life video

Animation for Girl Effect & Nutrition International video

Animation clean up at Moth Studios 


Animation for Katy Wang's 'Toto Bona Lokua - Ma Mama' music video

Co-Directed and animated The Pool- Women in Tech series of animations

A number of editorials for tech company GoCardless. (2017 - 2019)

Art Department Assistant at Animortal. Assisted on Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires


3 month internship at JAM Media (Belfast)-  2D drawn props/background character/animation on the children series Little Roy and Wonder Roy

Art Director & Lead Director for Penguin Random House promotional video for 'The Master and Margarita'

Co-Director & Compositor Royal Opera House promotional video for 'Turandot'


Compositor on BBC Dish Up: Trailer



Runner up in the Kingston Animation Prize for Penguin Random House 



Freud Museum London Exhibition 'Festival of the Unconscious' 

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